Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sea/Night Fantasy

You see me stepping lightly
On the lofty sea-rock wall,
Skipping to a surf-beat,
Applauding stars that fall.

You counsel me to caution,
To carefully come down.
I’m acting like a fool you say,
And somewhat of a clown.

But if I answered saying,
I can see old Neptune shaving-
Moonlight diving, bathing-
Kisses lovers giving
As village lights cease living.

The Milky Way is churning
And planets ceased their turning-
Is now your spirit burning?
Will all your cares relent?

Then please begin with your ascent.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Diet Dilemma

I have a sweet; my face breaks out,
Sipping wine gives me the gout,
And should I dare indulge in steak,
Followed by a piece of cake,
It’s rumble stomach and toothache.

Every morsel a pit fall,
Carbs, fat, cholesterol,
Might I visit a beer hall?
And how about that roasted chicken?
Should I be on my guard again?

When I was young , mom said “Eat!”
Rolls and butter and deli meat.
It was a must to clean my plate,
But now it just balloons my weight,

And interferes with my heart rate.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Double Synergistic Integration

Synergistic integration-
There’s a thought to wrap your mind in!
It’s when regulated exhalation
Co-ordinates with inhalation,
Resulting in the proper palpitation
Of a hemo/coronary combination.

Further- digestive interplay
Enters into this odd ballet,
Along with cells who must sashay
To a tempo set by gods who may
At any time change the way
Things operate from day to day.

Now- double synergistic integration
Occurs with the co-operation
Of separate beings, who with a glance,
May enter a kind of kinetic trance,
Leading to a state by where,

It’s all but they who disappear.