Saturday, February 28, 2015

PROMTRIP - (excerpted from the short story "Timing It" from the novella "Soldiers in Siam")

Promtrip- I’ve seen you glance my way
with something in your eye
(though I could not tell
just what it was.)

And I’ve glanced your way
as you passed the drinks
and asked, “What you want?”
of round-eyed men
with hair of all colors
and skin of all colors
just across the bar from you
in another world.
I too am round-eyed, Promtrip,
of another world,
not like you,
yet willing to search
the onyx buttons of your face.
Ask me, Promtrip, “What you have
there in your eye?”
I’ll ask, “What have you?”
Let us see if love can do
what God has not.