Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Present and Eternity

Don't tell me you will love me
always and forever.
I'm certain a millenium's
too great for that endeavor.

And neither for a decade,
and neither for a year.
A day is somewhat closer
to reasonably declare.

But say you love me now,
a more realistic claim.
Plus- the present and eternity
are actually the same!

Bambina Bianca

Bianca has such wonder eyes!
Studies well whate'er she spies.
Then-contemplating a brief while,
Decides if she shall cry or smile!

The Poet

The poet's like a busy
ferret in the night.
But words are what he's digging for,
to find and set just right.

And should he pen successfully
on life or love or death,
his words will leap from paper
and pinch away your breath!