Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Daughter's Dance

As though ignorant of gravity,
She'd leap upon my chair,
Begin a jig from knee to knee,
And advise me please beware
Of sneaky, tiny monsters
Hiding here and there.

I held her loosely then,
As she patted on my face,
Tugged a lock of hair again,
And about my temples began to trace
Odd, alien creatures of another race.

Yes, that was of an age,
When to her my words were all-
Certain, sure and sage.
But now she hears new voices call,
From young men- daring, strong, tall.

So when I see a gracious father
Being patient with his sprite,
And cautious not to bother
Her fancy-filled delight-
How magically my arms
Unconsciously grow tight!