Saturday, March 28, 2009

T.V. Fare

When all the noise and smoke are done,
It’s more hackneyed acking of some gun,
A lovely damsel set to scream,
Another villain’s eyes agleam.

Lads and lasses eating worms
Without the slightest care for germs,
And not to mention in the least,
The taunting of some savage beast.

My specs must need a new diopter,
Is the child chasing a helicopter?
And will that lady get undressed,
To tantalize her handsome guest?

Celebs- they sit, they laugh, they talk,
As I numbly sit and gawk.
I hope someday (quite secretly)
The world will make a fuss of me.

The remote control perhaps is stuck,
Perhaps I’m merely out of luck.
Can every single T.V. station

Be just some other’s imitation?

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